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The Laboratory

Athena’s is equipped with a laboratory for Research and Development that will meet all customer needs, thanks to the experience and professionalism of its staff, who cares to monitor not only the technical and technological innovations, but also the trend in the cosmetic market.

Athena’s laboratory is equipped to:
follow the entire formulation development of its products, from the processing, the selection of suppliers, the stabilization of the formulas; perform microbiological testing of each batch of production in order to assure quality and reliability.

By virtue of a great deal of flexibility, the team of the laboratory is able to adapt quickly to market demands and customer's requests, making use of the precious collaboration of the Department of Cosmetology of the University of Ferrara for the realization of studies to evaluate the efficacy, tolerability of skin and eye, as well as microbiological control on its products.

The Department of Cosmetology at Ferrara University proudly vaunt to be, after Paris, the second largest center, in importance, in the field of research, development and control of natural cosmetics. 

Development, innovation, continual herboristic research and over 50 years’ experience represent the basic themes of our company.


The mission for Athena’s has always been to create products that marry naturalness, safety, efficacy and certified quality with full regard for the environment.

Athena’s ethics:
- Quality awareness: we are exactly what we say we are. None of our products contain ingredients of animal origin, petrochemical derivatives, aggressive surfactants, silicones and syntheticdyes.

- Care and Guarantees towards our consumers: the promise of quality cosmetics with a very high concentration of organic and natural active ingredients in all our formulas.


Our Pledge


The company benefifits from the collaboration of the Department of Cosmetology at the University of Ferrara to perform studies for product evaluation and effificacy, skin and eye tolerability and microbiological control.


We exclusively use bottles, boxes and packaging in recycled and/ or recyclable materials and ingredients biodegradable and
environmentally friendly.


Athena’s, in accordance with European regulations, is opposed to animal testing. The products are vegan because they does not contain raw materials of animal origin or obtained
through the exploitation of animals.


“L’Erboristica di Athena’s dal 1969” line is formulated to reduce to the minimum the risk of allergies.


Thanks to the its photovoltaic system
Athena’s uses, for over 80% of its needs, clean energy.


Athena’s collaborates with disabled members of the OPIMM centre ( for the packaging of products to promote their social


The line “L’Erboristica di Athena’s dal 1969” supports impatto zero® events where the CO2 emissions, generated
by the packaging, are compensated with the purchase of carbon credits derived from forest establishments and
maintenances projects.


95 % (by weight) of the total (including added water) must be either natural ingredients, or naturally derived ingredients, or synthetic ingredients present in nature. The percentage of the organic raw materials must be at least 25% of the total weight.





In the Beginning

Athena’s was founded in 1969 by Antonio Venturino and his wife Luisa, just a few kilometers far from the place where, even today, there are offices and warehouses. Its first products are gifts dedicated to the care and hygiene of the body. Concept and creation took place in the small laboratory, which then covered 250 square meters, often with the cooperation of a famous potter of Vietri sul Mare which gave to Athena's delicate and fine ceramics containing salts and bubble bath of Athena's production.
They were years of valuable collaboration, during which the experience of the producer was enriched and made stronger by suggestions that came from the customers. An osmotic relationship of dialogue and listening that still characterizes the relationship of Athena's with its customers.  




In these years, Athena's began to produce solid soaps and soaps from the most varied shapes and sizes, creating and spreading a taste for quality soaps, carved, engraved, neatly packed in cartons artistically created, drawn from the works of art or nature same, celebrating an anniversary or a specific theme. Remain unforgettable the glycerine soaps, created one by one into a mold by delicate decorations. In over 20 years the company has accumulated a wealth of hundreds and hundreds of matrices.




In the years 1980-2000 the main sales channel of Athens’s products was represented by perfumery. The company has been present for years, with his gift and his finely carved soaps, in the most prestigious perfumery chains in Italy.
Even today, the independent perfumery represents a significant part of the company's turnover but, in the years around 2000 starts a profound socio-economic transformation that affects decisively in the distribution of consumer goods: Department store begins to spread rapidly.
This new way to reach their customers required the company to open up to this channel, an experience that marked a further step and a refinement of the relationship between business and consumers, proposed a new challenge and indicated new targets.  



Scented lines

2003-2006: In these years, Athena's developed a great numbers of lines that, for creativity, variety of scents and packaging innovation became a winner trend in the segment of teenagers:«I frutti del sole», «Delizie al bagno», «Dolce tentazione», «Fruits” and many more. This experience of a greater targeting moves the company into one of its first turning point.



Functional Skincare

2007: «Athé think skin» is in fact one of the first lines of functional cosmetics Athena's. It appeared, in its completeness of products for face and body, made from the extract of Iris, already at the forefront in the use of active ingredients effective in preventing the loss of collagen and elastin and maintaining the firmness of the skin, its hydration and elasticity.



Anticipatory lines

2007-2009: In these years, always moving between tradition and innovation, Athena's has extended its products offering with the creation of delicious lines of detergents and cosmetics based on natural ingredients, scented and featured by a packaging accurate and essential. It’s the time when comes to the market the lines «Fiori d’Arancio e Cedro», «Monoi de Tahiti & Burro di Karité», «Latte di Cocco», «Latte di Orchidea», lines that have left a mark and set a further step of growth.

These are in fact the precursor cosmetic lines, in herbal-style, already enriched with plant effective extracts. Lines that have been very successful, however, even if they do not yet possess yet neither the characteristics of the natural integral nor the specifically "natural.” approach. 



Specialiazation lines : L'Erboristica

In the years around 2007, as it can be learned from the data collected in "Cosmetics Italy 2012," imposes a new trend in our country: in front of problems like environmental pollution and related increase in skin diseases and skin allergies, there is a parallel growing interest towards cosmetics “green”, eco bio, natural and eco-friendly.

Natural cosmetics had been until then a cosmetic niche, a product for herbalists and laboratories "day by day", but who now asked to get out of this role to interpret the title role of the new modern cosmetic.

It is around 2009 that the Research and Development Department of Athena's, capturing and interpreting this new trend of the market and the environment, creates, with the line “l’Erboristica di Athena’s dal 1969” the bases of what that will mark the future and the guiding philosophy of the company. Since then, the goal is and remains to offer to its customers a wide range of products as natural as possible and not for the exclusive use of a few people.

This formula has proved to be a winning formula that has led to Athena's rapid expansion and success that, data in hand, has marked the company's growth in recent years until today.



Marks the beginning of the Growing Success

2010: marks the beginning of the growing success of sales for the line «l’Erboristica di Athena’s dal 1969» which, putting into practice the company's philosophy and research efforts in recent years, is characterized as a natural line for excellence: rich ingredients and functional ingredients 100% of vegetable origin, without dyes derived from chemistry, without animal derivatives, petrochemical derivatives such as petrolatum, paraffin and hydrocarbons, SLS and SLES.

Athena's dal 1969
Cosmetica Naturale Italiana

Athena’s was founded in 1969 in Pianoro, an area located in the hills of Bologna, on the initiative of its founder Mr. Venturino Antonio, the current Chairman of the company. Mr. Venturino takes his experience from the years of activity performed at an American company, a leader in the field of skin care. His wish was to become an entrepreneur and to start a cosmetics company dedicated to Italian essences.

In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s the children joined the company, and began to oversee the production and marketing aspects.

In 1999 Athena's expanded the production facility and implemented automation.

In 2001 Athena's focused on opening up to new scenarios and began its export activity to various European countries and to the United States.

In 2003 the laboratory was extended and was organised with modern equipment as the aim of the Management department, together with that of a fresh team of collaborators, was to study “the world of plants". The determination of Research & Development resulted in the realisation of Natural Cosmetic lines with low environmental impact. Cosmetic products rich in active ingredients of 100% Vegetable Origin, conceived with innovative formulas, able to combine effectiveness and appeal in full respect of nature and the environment.

45 years later, Athena’s has consolidated its reputation as a “Green” company, enjoying strong brand loyalty because it keeps its promises to the consumer.

However, Athena's is a family business with superior added value which is represented by its team that includes industrious employers who work every day with passion and determination to overcome the most complex challenges of a market that demands an increasing level of credibility and competence.

Small-scale, loyal & confident to work at their best!!!

Athena's dal 1969
Cosmetica Naturale Italiana 


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