Natural Soap 250g

The inspiration comes like a secret journey of the mind: “there are no rules, there is no logic except that of beauty” says designer Carolina Nesti, “the inspiration comes from the heart and the philosophy of the brand”. A journey of well-being in four stages for a daily ritual of love and care.

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Blue Azalea, Ambrosia Nectar and Starfruit 

An Italian soap bar with the hypnotic dreamy fragrance of blue azalea , together with the sparkling freshness of starfruit, brings out the active ingredient of vegetal collagen, that leaves the skin feeling smooth and deeply regenerated. Each 250gm bar is extra long lasting due to it's high quality, olive oil based formulation. Made with love and care in Italy.  

The Amazement of Nature Plant
Blue Azalea, Ambrosia Nectar and Starfruit 

This Philosophia Collagen Soap use two extra ingredients that is vegetal collagen and ginseng. Collagen is very important to our body skin, it can restore skin lustre, elasticity and have a good function to moisture capacity. Ginseng can regulate water and oil in our skin and improve nutrient absorption in our skin.

Blue Azalea

Blue azalea is a evergreen to deciduous woody plant. Basically originate in North temperate zone, Mountain Himalaya, Southeast Asia and Malaysia which have wet acidic soil. Taste spicy and bitter, have a little poison (especially in its flower and leaf).

The benefits read as below:-

As Natural Skin Cleansing Agent– Can help to remove impurities in our skin. When the dirt in our skin is removed, our pores will become normal size then this situation also helps in our skin water regulation.

As Spray to Kill Natural Pest Agent– Blue azalea can be use for plants for the purpose to kill and eliminate pest on plant leaf and so on. It comes to a very efficient effect for killing aphid. 

Ambrosia Nectar

Ambrosia nectar refers to pollen group that honey bees bring back. It contains 22 amino acids, 14 vitamins, 30 microelements, large number of active protease, nucleic acid, flavonoids. In Dynasty Tang, Wu-Zhe-Tian use pollen to make ‘Pollen Cake’ while Emperor Dowager use pollen and yellow wine for bath. In the term ‘pollen’ can be defined as ‘full of energy’.

The benefits read as below:-

Have evidence cosmetic result–A comprehensive conditioning balances the body's endocrine system, improve the activity of skin cells from the basic. Besides, ambrosia nectar also strengthen our skin metabolic capacity thus can prevent facial pigmentation.

Keep Our Hair Black– Inside the pollen, it has a mineral which is inositol. Main function of inositol can help grey hair black, overcome hair fall problem and keep our hair black and beautiful. 


Starfruit is known as Wu-Lian-Zi ni Hokkien dialect. Its fruit and fruit skin was waxy, so make the fruit looks more smooth and bright in colour. It contains sugar, vitamin A, vitamin C and various fiber and oxygen. Starfruit belong to tropical and Southeast Asia as a tropical fruit. It originate from India. Malaysia and Indonesia had planted it for almost 100 years. Divided into 2 type, one type is sour then another type is sweet.

The benefits read as below:-

Contains a Particularly Large Number of Fruit Acid – Starfruit contains high number of fruit acid so it can inhibit the growth of melanin. Effective in removing and diluting dark spots.

As a Natural Moistuizer– Have very effective function of moisture our skin, making our skin look more nourish and glowing. Starfruit also can help in dry, oily skin in a short period (depend on individual skin condition). 



Mediterranean Plum, Persimmon and Amber 

An Italian soap bar with the soft perfume of a meddler in the  sun and the sweetness of pink persimmons are the suffused background to the gentle exfoliating action of bran and walnut granules; its pulverized shell delicately helps in  eliminating dead cells and restoring natural luminosity. Each 250gm bar is extra long lasting due to it's high quality, olive oil based formulation. Made with love and care in Italy.  

The Amazement of Nature Plant
Mediterranean Plum, Persimmon and Amber

With this Philosophia Scrub action is because of two active ingredients that is bran and walnut granules. Bran can prevent oxidation and have a good absorption due to UV. Thus, it can help our skin still moisture and glowing. Walnut granule’s suction force is very strong, can intercept large amount of pollutant, anti-oil, wear resistance. In fact, walnut granules have uniform particle size and ultra high shell content. So, the soap can use for maximum effectiveness.

Mediterranean Plum

Mediterranean plum is known as Mu-Li-Zi. It have many tannin substances inside such as Ella tannin and Hamiltonians. It can regulate our skin oils, moisture and purifying skin. Mediterranean plum has special restraint due to morning puffiness and dark circles.

The benefits read as below:-

As Skin Oil Regulator– Relax and ease oily and allergenic skin. After the oily substances get out from our skin, Mediterranean plum can effectively help our skin to improve regenerative ability. Mostly suitable for any teenagers whom has very serious oily skin.

Skin Stabilizer – Convergence, control skin and antibacterial. When our skin convergence, our skin will not easily get inflame, so in the fact our skin will become more defensive due to the bacteria and virus. 


Persimmon taste delicious, have very high of nutrients. Especially the leaf of persimmon can used to make medicine. Rich in tannic acid, amino acid and various vitamin. Can use to antibacterial and anti-inflammation.

The benefits read as below:-

High in Tannic Acid– Tannic acid can use to kill bacteria and stop itchy skin. When our skin no itchy, the tannic acid ill help us to nourish our skin. Many Asian people use tannic acid to bath because of its function of deep cleansing.

High in Vitamin C (2 times) – Vitamin C can help to accelerate our body skin metabolism, remove the sub-health. It also can help in speckle because of its high nutrient of sucrose, glucose, fructose and carotene.  


Amber had been known as fossilized resin or turpentine fossil (high quality but take million years to form). Actually, many confused about tree resin with tree sap. Here, we are going to know what is really meant by tree resin and sap. Tree resin is a type of semi-solid amorphous organic substance secreted in pockets and canals through epithelial cells of the plant while tree sap is secreted in plant’s vascular system. The form of tree resin are to protects tree bark form disease and harm from insects and fungi. 

The benefits read as below:-

Promote Wound Healing– In scientist research, amber contain elements (blue wax) to increase the body metabolism, do the detoxifying action in our body, improves cell antibodies and anti-aging.

Kill Bacteria and Disinfection– Amber tree have the fossilised resin to produce an odour or taste to kill bacteria in our skin. Thus, it can helps in nutrient absorption in body skin because there is no clogged pores in skin to make it difficult to remove dirt.  



Winter Daphne, White Lotus & Echinacea 

The active principle of azulene 100 % crystalline gives a pleasurable detoxing effect .A true sensation of purity and wellbeing from a soap rich in oligoelements. The well balanced olfactory note combines the intensity of winter daphne , echinacea absolute and the mildness of white lotus.  

The Amazement of Nature Plant
Winter Daphne, White Lotus & Echinacea 

About the detoxifying benefit of Philosophia Detox are extra ingredients of azulene and magnesium. Azulene had been used widely in Rom and Germany as allergy desensitization skin cream. Magnesium and calcium are great partner, if less any one of it will cause skin to loose and aging, allelic and edema.

Winter Daphne

Winter Daphne are herbs which can help in many skin disease and that they are good for you. Researchers have left no stone unturned when it comes to assessing the benefits of curing many unknown skin diseases. Lacking of minerals can cause our skin become unprotected and more easily to get skin disease.

The benefits read as below:-

As Valuable Chinese Herbs– Winter Daphne are national flower for China and Japan. Because of its medicinal value, its root, barks, leafs can made into medicine for mostly unknown skin disease. Winter Daphne tastes like bitter but have a strong analgesia and treat swollen skin.

Improves Body Resistance– Winter Daphne have a high value of vitamin C that can helps in our body metabolism. Instead of that, it also can improves our body resistance for skin against ‘Gold Grapes’ bacteria and so on. 

White Lotus

White Lotus are aquatic plants which derived from The Ancient India but now can find in many Asia country especially from Vietnam to Afghanistan. Researchers have left no stone unturned when it comes to assessing the benefits of relieve affect. White lotus have very rich of vitamin C, protein and glucose can helps in detoxifying action in our skin.

The benefits read as below:-

As A Relief Agent – For Our Sensitive Eyes Part-White lotus have a very good relaxing affect especially for our most sensitive past of skin, it also can let our skin metabolism speed up since white lotus can reduce the black circles. White lotus have sweet taste but it can removes dirt in our skin.

As A Catalyst For Skin Metabolism – White lotus have a high value of vitamin C that can speed up in our body metabolism. Instead of that, it also can prevent and our skin to get ‘the black circles’. 


Echinacea are herbs which rich in alkyl amide, polysaccharides and glycoprotein can help in increasing our skin resistance. Researchers have left no stone unturned when it comes to assessing the benefits of improving our skin resistance dropping down. Echinacea had been use in Germany as a legelly medicine, and have massive planting in North America.

The benefits read as below:-

As A Healing Ability Resistance Accelerator– Echinacea directly stimulates skin resistance in shortest time. Scientists also said that the feature of this herb almost same like miracle drug in theory. Echinacea extract is the most efficient product that can restore our skin defence system but in long time concept. It also known as The Indians Herbs but it will not cause any allergenic reaction.

As A Protective Layer For Sensitive Part Of Eyes – Echinacea can form antibodies against the ‘Chlamydia eye’ and other skin diseases around eyes since Echinacea had help in skin rash and pruritus.  



Cherry Blossom, Osmanthus & Geranium

An Italian soap bar with the enchanting profusion of cherry blossom  and the rejuvenating action of A + E vitamins help to get a firm and smooth skin. The sweetness of pink geranium , together with the purifying flow of Bach Flowers, fill the mind  with joyful memories and intense motions. Each 250gm bar is extra long lasting due to it's high quality, olive oil based formulation. Made with love and care in Italy.  

The Amazement of Nature Plant
Cherry Blossom, Osmanthus & Geranium

About the lifting effect of this Philosophia is because of the presence of Bach flower and vitamin E. Bach flower uses 38 type of flowers to produce oil essence in case to cure our mental and physical state. Next, the vitamin E also can stimulate our collagen in dermal layer thus it also can lead to elastic fibre to grow again. This will make our skin look more firm and tight.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom are originate from Northern Hemisphere temperate zone ring around The Himalaya. Now, cherry blossom are planted all around the world. It is a deciduous tree and its bark have purple-brown colour. Japanese people loves to use cherry blossom to make sushi and pickles. Cherry blossom also can act as symbol of spring, most of Japanese loves them.

The benefits read as below:-

Rich in Flavonoid – Can speed up the sugar metabolism. Flavonoid good in shrink pores since have efficient effect on shrink pores, so it also can balancing water oil balance. Besides, it can also remain skin elasticity.

High in ‘Sakura’ Enzyme– Cherry blossom can help in proses rejuvenation, reduce pimples and improve skin complexion because it have high quantity of vitamin A, B and E. 


Osmanthus is a type of natural herb that is mild but taste spicy. Keishi, Keiko, Katsurane can use to produce medicine. Osmanthus originate from Central of China, especially XI-Nan.

The benefits read as below:-

Promote Our Skin Blood Circulation – Improves skin tissue against skin problems. It also can keep our skin vitality. When our skin blood circulation improved, our skin will become more beauty and thin.

As a Moisturizer and Nourish Skin– Osmanthus can improve paled face. Instead of giving moisture to skin, it also act as a nourishment for our face and hand. 


Geranium have very gorgeous pink colour flower. It originate from Southwest Indian Ocean somewhere near the Reunion Island, Madagascar. Rich in Citronellal, Formic Acid Citronellal, Pine Eni, Castle Long Geraniol, Pine Oil, Mentone and variety of trace mineral elements mainly use in balancing the skin tone. Deworming effect of geranium is very good.

The benefits read as below:-

Convergence of antibacterial– Since Geranium is suitable for every kind of skin condition. So, it has specific function to improves our tissue defence capabilities. Due to its balancing the sebum secretion also can lead to improves cell regeneration.

Especially suitable for oily, pimples skin– The effect is very obvious when it comes to alleviate and eliminate ‘Smallpox of India’. Besides, it also helps in loose skin and clogged pores. 



Rosewood, Birch Milk & Black Iris

The intense accords of rosewood are interwoven with black iris for seductive notes enriched with moisturizing cream and pearl extract for a velvety smooth and sensual skin. Body care becomes a daily ritual that infuses pleasure, whilst the skin benefits from the moisturizing properties of the cream and the soothing action of the milk. 

The Amazement of Nature Plant
Rosewood, Birch Milk & Black Iris

For this Philosophia ‘Cream’ Soap, there is two extra natural ingredients are added into it, they is cream and pearl extract. In fact, cream are used by human to moisturize skin. In addition, pearl extract have effective effect on controlling oil in our face, for beauty, can recover our skin layer. Since the pearl extract have strong adsorption due to exfoliate


Rosewood have very few species all around the world. It only can be find in South Africa rainforest. Researchers have left no stone unturned when it comes to assessing the benefits of curing sensitive and inflammation skin. It is evergreen plant which have almost 40 metres of height after it matured. In last 30 century, only The French Guiana forest have the best rosewood oil essence

The benefits read as below:-

As A Skin Aging Delay Agent– Rosewood have effective stimulus our skin cell, making the skin cell active so it also act as a helper in recovery our wound.

Help In Allergenic Reaction– Rosewood can reduce the allergenic reaction when the seasons change and give a calming action due to the inflammation skin.  

Birch Milk

Birch milk originate from Silver Birch Tree in Northern Europe. It have slightly pungent smell but have smell of charred wood. Researchers have left no stone unturned when it comes to assessing the benefits of treat skin problems, especially chronic skin diseases.

The benefits read as below:-

Diminish Inflammation– Birch milk have very high of flavonoids, so it also helps in cellulitis, detoxifying, oedema and inhibit skin inflammation. The high level of tannin in birch milk also can helps in absorption UV so less stimulant can affect the skin to be inflammation.  

Black Iris

Black Iris, (have ‘Rainbow’ meaning in Greece), Black iris is type of herb originate from Central of China such as Zhongyuan, Xi-Nan , and Hua-Dong. Taste sweet and deep thus have elegant and strong smell. Researchers have left no stone unturned when it comes to assessing the benefits of reduces skin inflammation.

The benefits read as below:-

Inhibit Melanin– Black iris can improve the oxidation and moisturize power of our skin. Besides, it also can helps in inhibiting melanin in our skin or face. It also have very good function in reducing skin inflammation then our skin will not easily infect to melanin.

As A Natural Humectant– Black iris have many moisture essence inside its stem and leaf, can instant supply water in our skin thus let signs of fatigue and dryness to be eliminate.



Citrus Peel, Red Basil & Lime

A fragrance of citrus zests, red basil and lime envelops the precious active ingredients of chlorophyll and bamboo lymph with stimulating and relaxing virtues to offer the skin a paradise of fresh emotions. An invigorating cocktail that combines efficacy with the gratification of the senses, leaving the skin toned. 

The Amazement of Nature Plant
Citrus Peel, Red Basil & Lime

About the benefit of deodorant is because of the additional ingredients with chlorophyll and bamboo. Bamboo is natural anti-mite and odour, pest control. It also help our skin to improve our skin resistance. Besides, chlorophyll can helps our body to release the radical inside the body and anti-cancer.

Citrus Peel

Citrus peel are pericarps which stripped down from citrus. It has a good scent but taste bitter. Researchers have left no stone unturned when it comes to assessing the benefits of hair care. In Guangdong, China, there is three treasures, one of them is citrus, ginger and Euphorbia hirta. It can be one of the three treasurers because of it rich of vitamin C and its smell good enough.

The benefits read as below:-

As A Natural Conditioner– Many China women soak citrus in water to wash their long hair. We knew that long hair should use hair conditioner to wash it but it is hardly to get a hair conditioner in China. So citrus peels use as a hair conditioner at China, thus hair will be more soft and shiny. The effect is the same by using a high quality of hair conditioner.

As A Natural Skin Moisturizer– Citrus rich in fruit acids, can helps in soften the skin, make skin look more elastic than before. Treat rough skin and moisture skin have a good result. 

Red Basil

Red basil are known as the Nemesis of Basilescussince there was a monster that have very high of destructive power. There was a legend whose that bring the red basil leaf would have power to defeat it and destroy the spell on it. Tastes bitter but do not have poison Researchers have left no stone unturned when it comes to assessing the benefits of curing eczema. In Romania, red basil have a romantic meaning for couples; when a boy received a branch of red basil that means they are engaged to each other.

The benefits read as below:-

As A Skin Calming Agent– Can help on eczema, skin inflammation, and measles while it rich in vitamin A, C and calcium that can improve our skin immune system. Red basil can stop infection on skin because it have antibacterial function. So, it can help in many skin diseases especially eczema and so on.

Have A Good Cosmetic Effects– Red basil is a natural antioxidant agent for our skin, cure pimples and firming our skin to make us looks younger. 


Lime are fruit medicine which is good for our health.It has light smell but have sharp and strong taste for the Asian people. Researchers have left no stone unturned when it comes to assessing the benefits of anti-cancer. In Southeast Asia, there is nobody anymore plant yellow lime, so this situation give green lime to reading the world since Asian people like spicy and sour foods.

The benefits read as below:-

As A Calcium Absorption Capacity Facilitator– Lime can helps in brightening our skin, making our skin look brighter and smoother. In facts on brightening our skin, lime act as a moisturizer, let our skin become water-saturated state. Lime also is the strongly acidic fruit that can improves our body to absorb calcium more easily.

Improves Skin Complexion– Lime rich in vitamin C and citric acid which helps in cosmetology and make our skin tissue more relax. 


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The Dolce Vivere line is a tribute to Italian beauty and life-style


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Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight.

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