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Nesti Dante - The story about the Father and Son

Only Passion Can Lead to Excellence

Nesti Dante is one of the few commercial producers that use the hand crafted method of saponification, their expert Soapmaker's control all the stages of the saponification process. The difference can be experienced in the quality of the soap produced which is richer and more softening.

Beautifully wrapped in thick textured paper, an inexpensive gift
Made by traditional saponification processes
Dermatologically tested. Not tested on animals

NESTI DANTE Limited Edition
Luxury Gold Soap

To Celebrate 60 Anniversary

23K Gold, Since the times of ancient empires, gold, a noble matter by definition, has so much been an element of longevity that the Initiation to Pharmacopoeia states: “Gold annihilates everything that may represent a danger and destroys what is toxic. It restores balance to the circulation of the energy of the medians”.

We work not to be the biggest, but to be the best

Natural vegetable bar soap prepared with 23 carat gold leaf and the intense powdery scent of Noble Iris, the flower symbol of Florence. Limited Edition.


Discover the Power of 23K Gold Soap

Sixty years ago, the young Dante boiled his first soap cauldron in Florence. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, Nesti Dante has created this precious soap in honour of Dante's early achievements. Gold, a noble material famous since ancient time as an element of longevity and energy balance is the perfect homage to their strong heritage and rich culture.

What are the Benefits of 23K Gold?

Gold-infused beauty products are the ultimate indulgence. A miracle anti-ageing ingredient loved by beauty editors across the world, beauty brands are embracing the opportunity to bring gold beauty products into our beauty arsenal. There are multiple skincare benefits that make colloidal gold one of the most coveted beauty ingredients in the industry. Read on to discover the benefits of gold skincare products.

The Gold can activate the basal cells of the skin which reduces the elasticity of the skin. It thus reduces wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and marks on the skin, and will make you look younger. 

The ions present in gold help in stimulating the cells, nerves and veins in your body which leads to improved blood circulation. This will increase the metabolism of skin cells and secretion of the waste.

Collagen is naturally produced in your body which keeps the body flexible. It is responsible for giving smooth skin and shining hair. Gold can slow down the depletion of collagen level in your skin cells. 

Gold helps in improving the blood circulation, hence it helps hydrate and maintain the skin’s moisture level. The small particles of gold get absorbed into the skin imparting a rich glow. This makes the skin healthy, fresh and radiant. 

When exposed to sunlight, production of melanin or black pigment in the skin is responsible for tanning of the skin. Gold can help to reduce the production of melanin in the body.

NESTI DANTE Limited Edition
Luxury Platinum Soap

To Celebrate 70 Anniversary

Platinum, thanks to its benefit qualities, has always been appreciated by the Ayurvedic medicine. Platinum, thanks to its properties, keeps the transpiration regular guaranteeing a natural clean feeling. The Platinum is a precious antioxidant that gives a healthy, firm and smooth skin.  

Made in Florence, Italy with love and care® since 1947

This limited edition natural soap has been created in honour of Nesti Dante’s success over the last seven decades. Prepared with platinum, one of the most precious materials in the world, the handmade soap oozes sophistication and luxury and is the perfect way to mark this landmark anniversary.


Discover the Power of Platinum Soap

Platinum, NESTI DANTE Natural Soap originates from the ongoing research towards excellence. To celebrate its 70th anniversary Nesti Dante has created a precious natural soap prepared with Platinum, the most precious material ever, in a special limited edition.

What are the Benefits of Platinum?

Infused with the intense note of camellia bella di Firenze absolute and granduca di Toscana white jasmine, the lavish soap will leave skin cleansed, soft and delicately scented. Made by the traditional process of saponification, which ensures a rich, high quality result, the Luxury Platinum Soap will add a touch of luxury to any bathroom.

Apply the Luxury Platinum Soap to damp skin, lather and rinse

Platinum prevents reaction of skin aging mainly oxidation and inflammation.

The platinum acts as a resistant to skin receptors from irritations and free radical damage.

Platinum helps in improving the blood circulation. It nourishes the skin till the deepest layer. 

Platinum enhances the levels of collagen in our skin to make it firm. 

Hydrates skin and moisturizes any dry spots on our face for instant relief and glow.

Bring back the natural beauty of being young by fighting against wrinkles, fine lines and loose skin with the help of its natural ingredients. 

NESTI DANTE Limited Edition
Luxury Black Soap

The Luxury Black Soap has been created according to secret recipes that have been handed down through the generations. The rich properties of the ash of african harvested plants and barks such as plantain, oats and cocoa pods deeply clean the skin while increasing circulation and promoting cell renewal without being as aggressive as a scrub. Shea butter’s moisturizing properties helps to thin fine lines.

Luxurious Handcrafted Soaps Age-old Tradition of the True Italian Saponification Process 

NESTI DANTE Natural Soap originates from the on onoing research towards excellence. NESTI DANTE prepares with love and care high performant natural soap since 1947. This means assuring the best raw materials for any soap, as well as the greatest care, thorough attention and maniacal care for details .


Discover the Legend of Black Soap

Legend narrates that the Black Soap has been brought in Italy at the time of the Romans Julius Caesar and Marco Antonio who falled both in love with majestic queen Cleopatra. Symbol of beauty, smartness and power Cleopatra has always been associated with femininity, mystery and seduction. She is considered one of the most fascinating women of the ancient world.

She gave great importance to the care of her body; her opulent daily bathing rituals in donkey milk are well know all over the world, but only few know what she used to do to benefit her skincare secret : she clean her delicate skin with original Black Soap ! According to philosopher Pliny the Elder, she bathed and moisturized with it to prevent wrinkles, soften the skin, and brighten her complexion.

What are the Benefits of Black Soap?

This new ultra performing beauty formulation is further enriched with exhilarating patchouli, spicy pink pepper, sensual hyacinth and fresh jasmine for an unexpectedly opulent fragrance explosion.

Japanese women love Black Soap because with its deep cleansing action takes away the dead cells leaving the skin smooth, firm and well-balanced but without being as aggressive as a scrub. So ..their delicate skin is respected and , above all, clearer and purified , which they like so much !!!

A traditional herb for various skin conditions including sunburns and eczema, this herb is known to have rich antibacterial and antiseptic properties. 

Oats help prevent acne and improve complexion. They even act as a natural skin cleanser.

It is packed with antioxidants that fight off free radicals. Cocoa powder has a gentle exfoliating texture that helps slough off dead cells on skin.  

Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer for the face and the body. Its fat content is responsible for its emollient and humectant properties  

The Amazement of Nature Plants

Active Carbon, The Luxury Black Soap is prepared following a secret recipes that have been handed down for generation. The rich properties of the ash of African harvested plants and barks such as plantain, oats and cocoa pods moisturize the skin while increasing circulation and promoting cell renewal. Shea butter helps to thin fine lines letting the skin feels soft, smooth and freshly clean. This new standard of beauty is further enriched with exhilarating patchouli, spicy pink pepper, sensual hyacinth and fresh jasmine for an unexpected opulence fragrance.
Active Carbon of Plantain
Active Carbon of Oats
Active Carbon of Cocoa Pods
Shea Butter


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The inspiration comes from the heart and the philosophy of the brand


In the beginning

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight.

1 Peter 3:3-4                              

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